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All Credo Residences Receive Deficiency Free Infection Control Surveys

During the COVID-19 pandemic infection control has been more important than ever and our assisted living residences have taken that need to heart. Our entire family of assisted living residences, including twelve across the state of Kansas, have received zero deficiencies as a result of infection control surveys. Surveying is a standard process that is intended to verify that licensed senior living homes are taking proper infection control measures, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. A zero deficiency survey means that all plans, protocol and resident care were observed by surveyors to be at or above expectations as regulated by the State of Kansas.

Diane West, Co-Founder and CEO, said of the sweeping results, “Our teams have come together during the COVID-19 pandemic in exactly the way that I knew they would. They have risen to the challenge and done an excellent job during such an unprecedented time. I am proud of their dedication and hard work to keep our residents happy and healthy!” In addition to having deficiency free surveys, our residences have had zero cases of COVID-19 amongst staff and residents.

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